Fall Semester  2013


Instructor: Stephen K. Barnhart

Office: 1015 Agronomy (Agronomy Extension Suite)

Office Phone: (515) 294-7835

Home Phone: (515) 232-3855


·        Office Hours:

·                Generally ‘open door’ policy, but Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM may be best.

·                 If you have other classes at the times above, we can make an appointment for another time that

·                is convenient for us to meet. The instructor also has Agronomy Extension responsibly, so may

·                have occasional conflicts as well.

              Syllabus will be available on this site early in the Semester *

                            (Dates, readings, grading & evaluation details can be found in the Syllabus ! 


For ‘catch-up references’ on agronomy and animal nutrition              

                                                 Forage Species – Group 1 – Cool season perennial grasses

                                                  Forage Species – Group 2 – Temperate,  perennial legumes

                                                 Forage Species – Group 3 – Warm-season, Annual Grasses

                                                 Forage Species – Group 4 – Perennial, Warm-season Grasses

                                                Forage Species – Group 5 – Miscellaneous Forages


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               Course Topics                                                                Lecture slides & other course info

           Introduction to Forages                                                       Lecture Slides

          Plant Morphology and Anatomy                                          Lecture Slides  

         Forage Quantity                                       

             a.  Growth & Development                                               Lecture Slides

               b.  Defoliation                                                                     Lecture Slides

              c.  Forage Persistence                                                        Lecture Slides

         Forage Quality & Analyses    

              a.    Overview, Intake & Digestion                                     Lecture Slides

              b.     Forage Analyses                                                         Lecture Slides

              c.     Anti-Quality Components                                             Lecture Slides

             d.    Forage Sampling & Testing                                          Lecture Slides   

        Grassland Seeding & Renovation                       

            a.  Misc Seeding topics& Frostseeding                                  Lecture Slides

            b.   Interseeding, No-Till, & ‘Traditional’ Renovation (Tillage)       Lecture Slides        

        Fertilizer nutrient management                                   Lecture Slides      Lecture Slides

        Pest Management 

a.  Disease & Weed Management                                        Lecture Slides

b.  Insect management                                                           Lecture Slides


       Forage Crop Utilization in Livestock Systems   

           a. Mechanical harvest               

    i.    Pre-harvest physiology & Harvest decisions,                  Lecture Slides

   ii.    Ensiling process  & Management                                       Lecture Slides

             Silage Production Systems, Inoculants & Additives        Lecture Slides                                   

                iii.  Field desiccation, drying mgt. & hay systems                       Lecture Slides

                iv.  Hay Storage & Hay Marketing & Hay Misc.                          Lecture Slides  


        b. Animal harvest - Grazing                                     Lecture Notes Outline  Lecture Slides

               i.   Grazing - introduction & Principles             Lecture Notes Outline   Lecture Slides

              ii.  Grazing Methods                                            Lecture Notes Outline    Lecture Slides

             iii   Pasture Layout                                               Lecture Notes Outline    Lecture Slides

          iv. Grazing Tools                                                  Lecture Notes Outline    Lecture Slides


     Forages in Conservation Uses & Cover Crops         Lecture Notes Outline  Lecture Slides

    Forage for Energy; Industrial Uses; forage GMO’s   Lecture Notes Outline  Lecture Slides


                         Final Exam - Monday, December 16  9:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m


*    The course syllabus and other www-accessible course information is in the PDF format.

To be able to access these items, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed

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