Mark Vitosh
District Forester
Iowa Department of Natural Resources


Plant Science Career Path

  • Took advanced biology in high school and became interested in forestry
  • Was always interested in the outdoors
  • Received BS and MS degrees in forestry
  • As a district forester, works with private and public landowners in four Iowa counties in managing their natural resources such as forests and prairies
  • Makes visits to landowner's property to survey the area and meet with the landowner about their goals

What does Mark like about his job?

Expert's Advice to Young People

Want to know more?

"I enjoy working with the people of Iowa."

  • Work on your people skills such as public speaking.
  • Try to get a summer job in the field before you go to college to see what natural resource management is all about.
  • If there are folks in your area in this career try to meet with them to learn more about what they do and to see if it is something you would be interested in doing.

Email Mark to learn more about his experiences as a district forester.

To find out more about the
Iowa Department of Natural Resources where Mark works, check out their website.

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