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What is SAS: The SAS System is an integrated suite of software for enterprise-wide information delivery. The functionality of the system is built around the four data-driven tasks common to virtually any application -- data access, data management, data analysis and data presentation. Applications of the SAS System include executive information systems; data entry, retrieval, and management; report writing and graphics; statistical and mathematical analysis; business planning, forecasting, and decision support; operations research and project management; statistical quality improvement; computer performance evaluation; and applications development.

SAS Online Documentation

Current Version:

Version 9.2 for Windows. See the SAS Web site for information about what's new in version 9.2. Version 6.12 is the final release of SAS for Macintosh. If you would like SAS Institute to continue development, you are encouraged to write to

SAS licensing is available through the Baker Lab. Enrollment in the department licensing program grants each participant only the right to use SAS software for the duration of the licensing period. Each licensing program is maintained and administered by the Baker Lab with each licensing program beginning July 1 (of the current year) and ending June 30 of the following year.

Enrollment into any program can occur at anytime throughout the licensing period, HOWEVER all licensing programs will terminate on June 30 and all SAS software will stop functioning soon after this date. SAS license pricing is available below:

Department Licensing: Computers under the control of the university include those owned or leased by ISU and those loaned to ISU as part of a grant.

How much does it cost:

Operating System


License Fees

License Fees
(Outside Agronomy)








The SAS annual license fees he Licensing Program: Any employee of a ISU department can enroll into the Department Licensing Program by following these steps:

  1. Each person using the software must fill out the Department Licensing section of the SAS Registration Form
  2. Pay the Enrollment fee either by an account number or a check. If paying by check you must bring it to the Baker Lab before any other actions can take place.
  3. Our office will contact you within three working days to verify your application and make arrangements to pick up the media.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to legal requirements, all media and license keys for the SAS software cannot be released until all forms are submitted to and processed by the Baker Lab. NO exceptions. Record processing takes (1 - 3) working days.

License obligations:

SAS software products are licensed and copyrighted by SAS Institute, Inc. The terms of the license impose significant management responsibilities on the university and the individual users of SAS. You must sign a statement that says you will not violate the Baker Lab SAS license agreement. This statement is on each license. All individuals using this software should be informed of the terms of this agreement. The terms of the agreement and Baker Lab SAS license require that:

  1. SAS software may not be copied or reproduced in any form except to install the software onto a hard disk of a registered computer as authorized by Baker Lab. You may not make backup copies or any other copies of the diskettes.
  2. All CDs containing SAS software products must originate from Baker Lab or from SAS Institute, and must bear a serial-numbered label supplied by SAS Institute.
  3. The software may be installed only on the computer described on the registration form and may be used only by ISU employees and registered students.
  4. You may not charge a fee for access to SAS software products running on your computer.
  5. You may not modify, reverse-engineer, or decompile SAS software products.
  6. The license is renewed annually on July 1. Changes in the location or eligibility of the computer, or in the person responsible for the SAS software on the computer, should be indicated at renewal time. When you no longer want to run SAS software on your computer, you should notify Baker Lab.
  7. Anyone who has access to SAS software should be informed of the license and copyright on this software. Please use this sign in any area where SAS is used by multiple users.