The Viney Habit Bindweed
ield bindweed (Convolvulvus arvensis) perennial
Hedge bindweed (Calystegia sepium) perennial
Morningglory Family


Field bindweed, a perennial


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Leaves (below).  Notice the pointed, flared, ends of the leaf base corners.

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Viney field bindweed climbing up a timothy plant (below left) and a wild carrot plant (below right) to capture more light, a good competititve trait for a weed.

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Bindweed infesting soybeans and volunteer corn (below, left) and waste areas (below, center and right).

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Beautiful field bindweed flowers (below).  It is easy to see why humans adapted this species for ornamental use.

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Hedge bindweed, a perennial Morningglory


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Leaves (below).  Notice the flattened area of the leaf at the base of the triangle.  Compare this with the flared, sharper, leave points of field bindweed.

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Hedge bindweed infesting a corn crop ready to harvest (below).

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Differences between hedge bindweed (below, top) and wild buckwheat (Polygonum sp.) (below, bottom):

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