Common Cocklebur (Xanthium stumarium)
Composite Family


1005t.JPG (11482 bytes) Common cocklebur is a large-seeded annual. If you get it, you better get rid of it or you are in deep trouble.

245t.JPG (13797 bytes) Seed capsules (left) contain two seeds with different dormancy characteristics. This is an example of somatic polymorphism: the same plant produces seed with different characteristics.
1000t.JPG (9941 bytes) Spotted stem and distinctive leaf shape.

1002t.JPG (10645 bytes) Red stems, light green flowering capsules, large leaves.

1003t.JPG (11068 bytes) Same.

1004t.JPG (8836 bytes) Light green flowering, barbed, capsules.

995t.JPG (8151 bytes) Seedling

996t.JPG (6113 bytes) Another seedling

997t.JPG (8410 bytes)Yet more, another seedling.

1226t.JPG (7460 bytes) An outline of a seedling.

1092t.JPG (5404 bytes) Still yet another outline of a seedling.




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