Common Lambsquarters
(Chenopodium album)
Lambsquarters Family

468t.JPG (6837 bytes) The Lambsquarters, or Chenopodiaceae, family is also known as the Goosefoot family. The goosefoot comes from the distinctive shape of the leaves. As a grad student I grabbed our goose and took the photo here of its foot. Believe me, the goose was not happy with this photo opportunity.

1536t.JPG (8375 bytes) Common lambsquarters is a very competitive, adaptive weed. The picture on the left is a small, wimpy looking plant that managed to get a toe-hold (rooted) on this railroad siding in upper Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. Any plant that can produce offspring with this amount of resources is going to win every time.

251t.JPG (13176 bytes) And it does as well in our corn fields. Here is some runaway common lambsquarters that has so harmed the corn that it has drought stressed, curled leaves. This weed is a tough competitor for both nutrients and water.


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Leaves & stems:

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Seedheads & flowers:

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