Hemp Dogbane
(Apocynum cannibinum)
Dogbane (Apocynaceae) Family

696t.JPG (11337 bytes) If you didn't know any better, you would look at this infested soybean field and think the weed problem wasn't too bad. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Underneath those spindly, innocent looking shoots are extensive rootstock systems. Try to dig them out, no way. They can go 10 feet deep (3 meters) or more in the soil. Try to cultivate or use tillage, all you do is stimulate rootstock buds to germinate and it all starts over again. Hemp dogbane is a pain in the....

Get it early. Seedling:

1093t.JPG (3776 bytes)

Start to worry.  Leaves and stems:

700t.JPG (8668 bytes) Notice the milky sap (left) being exuded from the severed stem.

Flowers and seedheads:

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