The Plantain Species-Group
Blackseed plantain (Plantago rugelii) perennial
Broadleaf plantain (Plantago major) perennial
Buckhorn plantain (Plantago lanceolata) perennial
Plantain Family


Seedling of plantain spp.(below).  At this stage of growth it is hard to tell which species it is.

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Buckhorn plantain


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Seedlings quickly form a low-lying, basal rosette:

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In following years the basal rosette "bolts" or elongates as the seed stalk and seedhead are formed:

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Take a closer look at the progression of flowering development of different buckhorn plantain seedheads from bottom to top (below).

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Blackseed plantain

The basal rosette (below), the best time to identify plantain species.  How is blackseed different than buckhorn or broadleaf plantain?

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Broadleaf plantain

The basal rosette of broadleaf plantain

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The broadleaf plantain basal rosette sends up its seedhead:

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Flowering seedheads:

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