Common Ragweed (Ambrosia artimeisiifolia)
Giant Ragweed (Ambrosia trifida)
Ragweed Species-Group (Ambrosia spp.)
Composite (Compositae) Family

Ragweed has a bad reputation with just about everyone. Non-farm city folks hate it because it is the source of "hay fever", those irritating pollen grains floating in the air. Farmers hate it because it is such a nasty weed.

There are two major weedy pests in this species-group. Lets take a look at this monster.

The seedlings are distinctive, and unlike many other seedlings, easier to identify because of their leaf shape (lobed):

Common ragweed seedlings:

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Giant ragweed seedlings:

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Common ragweed leaf shape, stems and vegetative parts:

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Common ragweed stems:

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Giant ragweed leaf shape, stems and vegetative parts::

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Common ragweed seedheads and flowers: (my nose is getting itchy):

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Giant ragweed seedheads and flowers::

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Can you pick out the ragweed seedling in this picture? Which species is it?

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