Shepard's Purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris)
Mustard Family


491t.JPG (7713 bytes) Shepard's purse is a broadleaf weed named after the appearance of its seed capsule. Its capsule (Capsella) reminded ancient growers of a shepard's (pastoris) purse (bursa) (left).

204t.JPG (15187 bytes) Shepard's purse is in the mustard family. It can grow as a summer annual, but more typically is a winter annual. The seed germinates and at first forms a rosette (left), a plant form with leaves attached at a common axis with no stems. Below is a picture of the shepard's purse rosette as it might appear in the autumn.
256t.JPG (13549 bytes) In it's winter annual life cycle, it will form a stalk with leaves and ending with flowers and capsules the following spring, as seen in the picture left.
486t.JPG (18293 bytes) This is another view (left) of a shepard's purse plant in the spring with the rosette on the ground, and the flower stalk rising above and ending with some flowers.
487t.JPG (14908 bytes) The rosette leaves of several plants can be seen tangled together left. The leaves are long, ranging from shallowly to deeply and coarsely lobed to pinnately divided.
492t.JPG (7416 bytes) White, 4-petaled flowers (typical mustard flowers) can be seen left. The triangular (heart-shaped; shepard's purse) capsules are divided into 2 sides that bear several seeds per side.
490t.JPG (9509 bytes) This flower stalk (left) shows the several stages of reproduction, from green buds before flowering, white flowers, and a range of capsule sizes in various stages of development.
493t.JPG (7575 bytes) This is a closer look (left) of the shepard's purse. I wonder if shepard's still carry purses shaped like this somewhere?

1513t.JPG (12867 bytes) This is a picture (left) of a flowering shepard's purse plant early in the season injured by the herbicide bentazon.



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