Common Sunflower

(Helianthus annuus annual Composite)

Sunflower the Crop

374t.JPG (14091 bytes)  The crop sunflower looks like the annual weed, but is much more robust with a bigger seedhead.

323t.JPG (10357 bytes)  These sunflowers were planted by my old garage in Canada.  The gradient of heights (left to right: increasing height) is due to the gradient of light (left to right: increasing light quantity) that the plants received.


Sunflower the Weed

Seedlings emerge.  Is the seedling on the far right suffering from herbicide injury?  Which herbicide caused it?

882t.JPG (8919 bytes)  883t.JPG (7154 bytes)  884t.JPG (10219 bytes)

1091t.JPG (6524 bytes)  1172t.JPG (6214 bytes)



Sunflower seedlings injured with acifluorfen, a diphenyl ether herbicide:  1479t.JPG (12106 bytes)

Sunflower leaves (left) and seedling (right) injured by bentazon:  1523t.JPG (10294 bytes)  1525t.JPG (12145 bytes)

Notice the sunflower seedling growing in this bag of hardened cement (below), now that is a hostile habitat.  Weedy adaptation is amazing sometimes.

1538t.JPG (9385 bytes)

Stems and leaves:

886t.JPG (6793 bytes)  887t.JPG (14022 bytes)  888t.JPG (12241 bytes)

Flowers and seedheads.  Notice how the weedy seedheads are much smaller than in the crop.  Human selection and adaptation at work.

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