Woolly Cupgrass (Eriochloa villosa)
Grass (Graminaceae) Family

wcgling.JPG (4264 bytes)  Woolly cupgrass was never considered a major grassy weed pest until relatively recently. As herbicides became more effective, and weed management practices made life miserable for other weeds, a niche was left for woolly cupgrass to exploit and fill and thrive in. Why woolly cupgrass has become such a big problem in many areas of the North Central corn belt is not certain, but its ability to survive herbicides in one of them, possibly because dormant branching nodes at the base, or crown region, of the plant can regrow after imperfect herbicide treatment.

Lets take a peak at woolly cupgrass seedlings:

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The collar region of woolly cupgrass. Notice the hairy ligule:

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