Yellow nutsedge
(Cyperus esculentus)
Sedge Family


A mature yellow nutsedge plant (below).  Notice the view from the top: the leaves line up and point in 3 directions, each 120° apart (this is called the leaf phylotaxy).   Notice also the nutlets clinging to the root system.

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Below is a closer look at the nutlets.  The three show their development.   Nutlets are an import way that yellow nutsedge reproduces itself.

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The yellow nutsedge seedhead (below, left and center).  Seeds are of lesser importance for reproduction. A complete flowering plant (below, right).

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A field infested with yellow nutsedge (below).

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Seedlings, probably from nutlets

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Things in "3's" seems a theme with yellow nutsedge.  Below left is another view of the leaf phylotaxy, evenly offset into thirds.  Below right is the stem, which is triangular.

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The third way that yellow nutsedge reproduces (there is that "3" theme again, for the 3rd time) is by underground rhizomes, shoot tissue (below).

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