The EABC sponsors a seminar series on the interesting and complex biological phenomena of evolutionary trade-offs, featuring phenotypic plasticity, life history evolution, and pleiotropy.  These phenomena provide an intuitive entrance into the unexpected consequences found in the genotype-phenotype map. 

Evolutionary Trade-Offs & Phenotypic Surprise

Four seminars comprise this seminar series.  Three were presented in early October, 2003, while a fourth will be presented in January, 2004.  For each seminar a brief description of the speaker and the presentation are provided below.  Additionally, the video (streaming) of each presentation is available.

"The Evolution of Complex Phenotypes"  [Oct. 2, 2003]
        -Massimo Pigliucci, U. of Tennessee-Knoxville 
        -View the SEMINAR VIDEO on your computer

"p1 Maize Locus Pleiotropy"   [Oct. 7, 2003]
        -Tom Peterson, Iowa State University
        -View the SEMINAR VIDEO on your computer

"The Evolution of Trade-Offs: Quantitative Genetics meets Optimality Theory"   [Oct. 9, 2003]
        -Derek Roff, U. of California-Riverside
        -View the SEMINAR VIDEO on your computer

"Pleiotropic Effects of the psbA Chloroplast Gene in s-Triazine Resistant Plants"  [Jan. 15, 2004]
        -Jack Dekker, Iowa State University
        -View the SEMINAR VIDEO on your computer

phenotypic plasticity:    the capacity for marked variation in the phenotype as a result of environmental influences on the genotype during development

pleiotropy:    the phenomena of a single gene being responsible for a number of disticnt and seemingly unrelated phenotypic effects; a situation in which a single allele may affect an entire series of traits.

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