The Evolutionary Agroecology and Biocomplexity Initiative (EABC) is funded by a grant from the Path to the Future Agronomy Department Endowment, Iowa State University, and is a component of the Instititute for Global Innovation in Agricultural, Science, Technology and Policy (IGIASTP).  The EABC is a dialogue to expand our view of agricultural biology to the complex, to engage the research enterprise as well as social, cultural, and economic dimensions.  It is intended to foster international, interdisciplinary, interorganizational collaboration in the study of agricultural issues, impacts, and potential courses of action.  Innovation and creativity in agricultural research come with the risk of engaging complexity.

EABC Seminar Series, October, 2003-January, 2004:  Evolutionary Trade-Offs & Phenotypic Surprise


EABC Statement of Terms

Artwork credit: J.A. Spelman, ca. 1920, "Sawbill Lake" in N.E. Minnesota.